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MindField Online is your solution for earning extra cash.  All you have to do is participate in a wide variety of interesting opinion research surveys.

You earn cash incentives for every survey you complete.

There are no gimmicks, points or sweepstakes that frustrate you and waste your time and valuable input.

As a MindField panel member, you have the unique opportunity to offer your opinions on a variety of important topics and receive cash incentives as well.

For almost 25 years, McMillion Research has provided the highest standards of ethical and quality oriented data collection. We are now taking our expertise online.

Sign up today Mindfield

and begin receiving opportunities to complete online surveys.

You will be paid for your time and have opportunities to be entered into drawings for cash prizes. The purpose of this research will cover many areas. From testing new food products in the comfort of your own home, surveys about world events and other hot topics, children’s toys and games, automobiles, and just about any other topic you can think of.

Want to make even more money?

Then tell your friends how they can get paid and earn extra money participating in MindField’s opinion surveys. Not only will they have the opportunity to work from home just like you, but you will get paid $1.00 for the first survey each of your friends complete as a registered member of MindField Online.

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